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The Hardpressed Project.
These are samples of a project I have had in the works for a couple of months now. The Hardpressed Project is well under way and the first edition of cards is just about finished. This first edition includes a small handful of folks including myself, Nancy Stahl, Leo Espinosa, Micah Player, Edel Rodriguez, Steve Schudlich, Tatsuro Kiuchi (his card shown in progress…), Yuko Shimizu, Linzie Hunter, Peter Cusack, and Mark Murphy.

The second edition is in the planning stages, and I have invited a few more artists for this edition (but I could use more…). I hope to keep this going strong, and I am so excited about the great work that has streamed in for this project! I hope to not only sell stationary, but I would love for those invited to participate to get their hands dirty and try something different.

The idea is to simply sell these collections, and provide each participating artist a few extra cards to do whatever they want with. The goal is to have the first edition ready for sale by early summertime, as well as having an exhibition of the work produced for the first three editions.

Here is a sneak peak at what I am printing at the moment.

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