Donald Kilpatrick
November 2011
Signal-Return- Preview opening!

Signal-Return- Teach, Serve, Connect, and Produce.
A couple of the large reasons I have been A.W.O.L. from Drawger these past few months have been both that I have assumed the role of Chairperson of my department at CCS, and that I have been involved in an amazing collaboration- Signal-Return.
Last night we held our preview opening at Signal-Return, and it was one of the most special nights of my life.
When I was asked to participate in this project over a year ago, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew then as I do now that this would not only be an amazing venue for artists, illustrators, and designers, but for writers and the Detroit community as well.
In the process of working on this project I have gained a lot personally as an artist and person. I have made friendships with my fellow board members and director that have changed my life forever, and they are as much of an inspiration to me as the project itself.  I am excited for what is ahead! I can’t wait to work together with them as we hold workshops, participate in the Detroit community, and invite artists (i.e. many of my fellow Drawgerites…) and other creative minds, and truly make this a space where everyone feels welcome and is willing to truly collaborate and participate.
Be on the lookout for some amazing workshops in the immediate future, workshops that deal with learning letterpress, binding of books, and creating posters and broadsides.
Be on the lookout for amazing printed material for sale in our storefront! Come on down to Detroit’s Eastern Market to do your holiday shopping!
I want to take this opportunity to personally thank my fellow board members- Toby Barlow, Helen Ectors, Ryan Schirmang, Megan O’ Connell (our director), Leon Johnson, Michael Stone Richards, Rebecca Mazzei, Blake Vanier, and Amy Deines.
I also want to thank the many individuals and volunteers that have been such a great support to us so far- Christian and his team of M1/DTW (our architect and responsible for designing our beautiful milwork), Naomi, Amanda LeClaire (for taking a ton of photos of construction from week to week...), The fine folks from Eastern Market Corporation, Eric McClellan, Andrew Davis, Christian Mulligan, Aaron, Lucas, Mark Stead, Fosdick printing, Inland Printing, Don Schultz, Andrew and Dave Churchman, Jessie Doan, Phil Cooley, Bryan Baker, Mark Moreno, and many more who I know I am forgetting at the moment. Please forgive me for my poor memory, and please remind me to include the names of those who I have forgotten.
Here below are photos of the construction process from the start to where the space is now. We hope to work with you soon.

This photo shows just how dark it was inside before the new windows were put in.

Photo by Amanda LeClaire

Photo by Amanda LeClaire

Board member Ryan Shirmang releasing the inner beast for the old facade demolition. Photo by Amanda LeClaire

Photo by Amanda LeClaire

Photo by Amanda LeClaire

Photo- Studio Couture Detroit

Photo- Studio Couture Detroit

Photo-Studio Couture Detroit

Signal-Return's storefront counter set and ready for customers! Photo- Studio Couture Detroit

Signal-Return's workshop area. Photo- Studio Couture Detroit

The beautiful bindings of Leon Johnson. Look for his workshop soon! Photo- Studio Couture Detroit

Our new facade. An honor to have my 5'relief print in view. Photo- Studio Couture Detroit.

Our membership cards. Let me know if you want us to mail you one of these! Join up and participate!

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