Donald Kilpatrick
May 2011
A much needed recap- in photos.

This and the images above were part of a 25 illustration series recently completed for a group of Ford Fusion ads.

For Bloomtown Detroit. Bloomtown Detroit is a project targeting blight in the city, and is making significant progress in a neighborhood once known as "Sugarhill". This is the place where John Lee Hooker and many other blues great regularly played.
My first illustration created for the amazing SooJin! Thank you for the chance to collaborate, SooJin.

This is not only my new banner for this blog, but was initially created for Signal-Return. Signal-Return is a storefront / printshop / educational project to open soon in Detroit. i have been blessed to be part of the group planning this great idea, and i am excited to post more about it soon!

Recently made a "font" of woodtype that was last produced in 1870 ( i think..). this is something that will be part of Signal-Return.

Getting some time with the boys.

I will be posting more about this, and getting a better photo, but this is the largest print i have carved and printed so far. It measures about five feet long by four feet wide. this is for an upcoming show, and will have another print facing it in the opposite direction. I will be running an edition of five of this print. If you are interested, let me know.

Photo- copyright Lindee Robinson, 2011.

A recent lino-cut. I have been exploring new ways of using this after a great conversation with Yuko when she was out here this past September. I think i am going to be sending this her way as thanks.

A collaborative lino-cut with Mark Murphy. Mark and i worked on this together when he was out here recently for a workshop. I have yet to print it, and i will be posting the results in the coming weeks. Mark printed a batch of great work for his recent solo show that is going on in San Diego.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Detroit, Yuko! It is great to have such great artists like yourself willing to come out here and give of your time to our students!

This is a recent painting by one of our top seniors in Illustration, Ray Domzalski. Look for this guy in the coming years. I have had the pleasure mentoring him and other students in the new capacity of Chairperson. It has been an inspiring and humbling experience. I hope to continue the great legacy that Gil Ashby has set in this department.

This is another of my top seniors, Anna Lisa Schneider. I caught Anna Lisa drawing on a worktable during a class recently. She was worried that i was going to give her a difficult time, and instead i was blown away by her doodlings. I feel it was some of the most honest work she has created, and she took to this and is going in an exciting direction. This is part of a 'zine that she created for the Mark Murphy 'zine workshop we recently had here at CCS.

This is the work of one of my top Sophomores, Bethany Radloff.

These photos are from the final critique of the class i taught this semester- Letterpress for the 21st Century. this course was cross-listed so that students from different majors would have the chance to really communicate and learn from each other in one class. I had students from Advertising Design, Fine Arts, Crafts, Photography, Graphic Design, and Illustration all together in one group.

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