Donald Kilpatrick
September 2010
New work for a great client.
One version of the final image. Hand printed on found paper from an abandoned Detroit building.

Version two of the same image. When you set up a press for printing, it doesn't make sense to just print one color combination. You gotta print multiples.

I have really taken too long of a vacation from writing on my blog.  It was a busy, fun, hectic, productive, stressful, etc. summer. I just have enjoyed taking time away from everything online (with the exception of Facebook because it is like crack, and I am a Facebook addict…), and now I feel like I have something worth posting about over here.

I had the pleasure of meeting SooJin Buzelli at ICON in Los Angeles this summer, and I was thrilled when she contacted me a few weeks back to create an illustration for Plan Sponsor. What thrilled me most was that she wanted me to work in the direction that my more personal work has taken these past couple of years, and I was excited to put into play the process that I have been fine tuning for work that needs doing on a deadline. I printed this illustration on a press on loan to me by Andrew Churchman, and it easily is over a hundred years old. It is a Cincinnati Type Foundry “Army” proof press that could have possibly been used by soldiers in the American Civil War. It is interesting what was referred to as being portable in the 1860s! This press, or a press like it, was used by soldiers to print frontline news. Many frontier towns to print small newspapers also used this press. Thanks to Ross for the information on this press.

Art directors like SooJin are like gold, and I am honored to have worked with her on this.

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