Donald Kilpatrick
September 2009
I have been somewhat AWOL from Drawger these past few weeks, and i have been doing my best to be outdoors and spend time with the kids before it gets too darn cold. We headed out to western Michigan, spent some time on the beaches of lake Michigan, and pretty much relaxed. The kids are in school now, the schol year has started for me as well, and i have never been busier. As i type this i feel so blessed and lucky to have my youngest sitting right next to me, and am inspired by the wonder he has in his eyes.

I have been obsessed with how trees always seem to find a way to grow, and how reslient nature is. I sometimes wish that i was as resilient, but i try, and that is a start. When i was in the studio the other night, i looked out the window at one of the trees in my backyard, and my mind wandered. I was amazed at how it continues to grow, even in its scarred state. My mind wandered and i thought of all the people who i admire that continue to grow even when life has dealt them such a terrible hand. I hope that i can be the person who can forgive, the person who truly grows, and the person who is truly resilient. I can't remember who it was that said this quote ( i think it was the rev. Desmond Tutu...), but it goes "forgiveness is an act of self preservation". How true, and how difficult.

For the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan
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