Donald Kilpatrick
March 2009
New prints available at
I finally got it together and sent Tony Bailey of Thumbtack Press some of my work to be made available for sale on their site as prints. I know that many Drawgers are already there, but those of you out there who aren’t, or are looking for a great deal for print, check Thumbtack Press out. 

Tony Bailey is a great guy, and I hope that Thumbtack press continues it’s run. Tony was kind enough this past winter semester to sponsor a project for my students, and publish however many of these that he saw fit for Thumbtack.  To see these, click here.

I have included a sketch of Adam. He is growing, and I can’t believe that he is almost a month old! I was able to get a quick sketch in before he woke up. Many thanks again for all of your warm wishes.
From an ongoing series i have been working on. Available at thumbtack press.
Available as a print at Thumbtack
Available as a print at Thumbtack Also will be included in Wesley Eggbrecht's upcoming BOTOBIT book project.
Originally created for a group show at the University of Michigan's Detroit WORK gallery (curated by Steve Schudlich). Now available as a print at Thumbtack
The lil' man fast asleep.
New Work.
For the Stanford Social Review. David Herbick, art director.
For the McKinsey Quarterly. Delilah Zak, art director.
For the McKinsey Quarterly. Delilah Zak, art director.
For the L.A. Times.
It has been an eventful month to say the least, but all is well with the baby, and the family is acclimating just fine to the changes. I figured since I finally got Adam to sleep that I would do some serious spring-cleaning to my Drawger page, and upload a bunch of new things I have been working on these past couple of months.

Just before the baby was born I had a few different jobs that I finished up, one of the McKinsey quarterly, another for the L.A. Times, and a third job for the Stanford Social Review. I have been able to steal a moment here and there to also work on an ongoing personal series that I am excited about.  It has leaded me back to using oils like watercolor again. 

Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts, and I hope to talk with some of you over the phone in the next few days and weeks. 
Lastly, i have uploaded a lot of new work to the site, feel free to drop by and see the new galleries
Terry Brown's visit to the College for Creative Studies.
Gil Ashby, Terry Brown, and yours truly.
We had Terry Brown in from New York to speak with our students today. He gave a great presentation covering the history of illustration, talking over the importance of copyright by putting it into both historical and current perspective, and encouraging students to look and think forward.  In the current climate of having to cut back on visiting artist visits, it is refreshing to get someone in to speak. I hope to continue this and I will be contacting many of you drawgers out there if I haven’t done so already.

It was enjoyable for me to hear and see his presentation being that I have been teaching a history of illustration course this semester.  This course has been a very intensive (and somewhat stressful at times) experience for me, and it was refreshing to see that I am not alone in taking a not so chronological approach. It is almost impossible to cover every aspect of the history of illustration in one semester.  (Side note- thanks again to those drawgers out there who answered my “illustrator family tree” questions some two-three months ago; it has really helped me out.)

Prior to his afternoon presentation, we were able to take our senior students next door to the Detroit Institute of Arts and take in the Norman Rockwell show that is currently showing there.  It was great to get Terry’s perspective on his work, and nice to see many paintings that I had only seen average reproductions before.  They had a good selection of Rockwell’s latter work that dealt with heavier social issues, my favorites of all his work, and it was interesting for me to see the originals for the first time. I am not the world’s biggest Rockwell fan, but like him or not, his painting ability is amazing to say the least.

Again, it was great having Terry visit, and I hope to see him back soon.

Adam Solman Kilpatrick
Adam Solman Kilpatrick arrived this morning at 3:23 a.m. He is tall like his brother, and is healthy and happy. His mother is doing well too, and getting the much deserved rest that she needs.
Phew. It is good to have him here and have everything go well.
I will post my recent work later. There is a lot of it, but i thought this would be better to post first.
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