Donald Kilpatrick
January 2009
Holiday Sketchbooks.
Sketchbook 1 cover.
I had a great, productive, and restful holiday season, and really had the time to explore in my sketchbook. Time that I typically don’t have.

Before the semester was over, one of my students mentioned to me that he was going to fill 100 pages in his sketchbook over the holiday break. What a great idea I thought, and why couldn’t I do the same? I mean, I go through a sketchbook about every three months or so, and it would be a way to keep myself busy when I would typically be sleeping or doing nothing. I had the “down-time”, so why not explore?

This sketchbook fever was also renewed in me when I got my complimentary copy of An Illustrated Life in early December. It has been an honor to be included in this great tome, and I am inspired not only by other’s work in this book, but by what they wrote as well. It is nice to be included with other drawgers in this book.

In the recent past I have filled my sketchbooks with observational drawing, but lately I have freeing myself up to explore more with watercolor. I finally had some time to explore ideas for paintings that I have had to put off for a while.

I usually make/sell sketchbooks for others, but this time I decided to bind a couple for myself. I found out that Rives BFK is amazing paper, and is my favorite. If I keep making sketchbooks for myself, I will always have a book handy with this paper in it.

2009 has started off great for me, and I hope that as the year moves forward, we all will have an amazing year.  Regardless of what happens this year, we have the ability to create and innovate.
Sketchbook 2 cover
Sketchbook 3 cover
This will be produced on T-shirts for Awww Sweet Ruckus / Andrew Davis
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