Donald Kilpatrick
May 2008
Write Congress again- NOW!
Call to Action

Last Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed their Orphan Works Act.

It is now headed for the full Senate.

If you’ve written before, now is the time to write again.

Urge your senator to oppose this bill.

Because it has been negotiated behind closed doors, introduced on short notice and fast-tracked for imminent passage without open hearings, ask that this bill not be passed until it can be exposed to an open, informed and transparent public debate.

We’ve drafted a special letter for this purpose.
You can deep link to it here:

Contact your Senator in opposition to S.2913 NOW

The House Judiciary Committee is considering H.R. 5889, the companion bill now. Please write them again:

Contact your Congressman in opposition to H.R. 5889 NOW

2 minutes is all it takes to write your senator and representatives and fight for your copyrights.

Over 68,000 e-mail messages have been sent so far.

Don't Let Congress Orphan Your Work

Please forward this message to every artist you know.
Orphan Works Update. Take action!
I received the following message yesterday.

Let's continue to take action! Regardless of where we stand on other issues, this is the issue that will affect all of us.

Since yesterday, over 31, 000 letters have gone out from our Orphan Works advocacy site.

Q: What can we do next?

1. Write the House Judiciary Committee. We’ve set up a special alert to contact members of this important committee.

Go to our Take Action/Alert site:

Look for the sample letter labeled "Contact House Judiciary Committee NOW" and send it.

If your Representative is not a member of the House Judiciary Committee, this will send him a message asking him to contact his colleagues on that Committee on your behalf, urging them to oppose the bill.

2. Ask for support from family and friends:

Please ask your friends and family (5 to 10 others) who support your creative work to also go to the site.

They can follow the instructions to easily send a message of opposition to this reckless bill.

Look for the sample letter labeled "For Supporters of Visual Artists - Wrong to Weaken
Copyright Law" and send it.

3. Spread the word to the public: Photosharing on Web will now be at risk:

Please alert your friends who post photos to the web their personal property will be at risk.

Look for the sample letter labeled “For the Image-Making Public - Protect Personal
Property”and send it.

For more information about the Orphan Works Act of 2008:

IPA Statement to House Subcommittee March 20, 2008:

IPA Senate Mark-up Comments April 30, 2008:

Geneva/ May 7, 2008 Orphan Works Bill Catches Global Attention/ Intellectual Property Watch:

MP3 Interview:

Take action now, don't let them orphan your work!
Congress could be voting on this any minute now, so take the time (only a couple of minutes...) to write your congressperson and let them know that your work indeed has value.

Don't let them orphan your work.

Write now, it is easier than checking drawger, facebook, or myspace.

Click here to write your congress-person!

Act now!!!

We will only have ourselves to blame if we do nothing.
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