Donald Kilpatrick
July 2007
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Me, circa 1989. The angst is delicious.
We are in the middle of our move eastward, and we are in Utah for a week. It has been nice to stay at my mother's place, and see family that i haven't seen for some time. I was going through a bunch of my old junk, and found this picture that i had thought was lost forever. Now if i could only find the pic with the Soviet army women (no joke, this really exists..).

This picture was taken by my friend Erik deWaal when we were inside the Kremlin in Moscow. I was fifteen, and it was two months before eastern europe and the Berlin wall came apart at the seams.

 The Dead Milkmen t-shirt i am wearing in the picture was stolen from me in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) after i laundered it. during my move, i found my Dead Milkmen "Big Lizard in my Backyard" LP again as well. I can't wait to play it once we are settled in Michigan.
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