Donald Kilpatrick
March 2006
A new gallery- Bay Area Rapid Transit Sketchbook.
One of the more recent sketches-two weeks ago..
The only model drawing session that i can attend are on a train. I consider the ticket price my model fee. Sometimes i have five minutes to finish my sketch, sometimes an hour. I have put up a gallery with most everything i have drawn while on a BART train these past three years. Some good, some not so good...
A sampling from a book i hope gets published- "You Can't Go To School Naked".
I have been working on this children's book idea for the past few months, have had some interest, but no bites as of yet. So...i plan on making a few revisions here and there and will have more to show in the coming weeks. I might need to post it along with the Columbus Circle image on another area of the site so it can be better viewed. Let me know.. Stylistically it is a bit of a departure for me, but i feel the story needed it.
Yet another scooter image...
This piece is a continuation of the series started by the New Delhi and Roma images. I hope to have 15 of these by the time it is all said and done.
Columbus Circle image super-sized.
My kind thanks to those who have commented on this piece. with your suggestions in mind, i have re-uploaded the image. I am going to chronicle the steps i took with this image in the My Process article category section, when i have a minute or two...
Columbus Circle- Another Photoshop experiment.
This is the piece that the model from my previous article is in. I normally don't work in Photoshop, and i have learned a lot in the past few months on how to make it work for what i do. This piece is based off my experience of taking the 1 from Van Cortlandt park to Columbus Circle everyday for the week that i was in New York. I intend on having this piece be part of a body of work that i am currently involved with.
Photoshop experiment.
I have been working on another piece that includes this model, and i thought it would be fun to do a portrait just for kicks... I have her in a piece i am doing on Columbus Circle, I will post it as soon as it is finished.
New Photos.
I have added some new photos to my photography section, just got a couple of rolls back from the developers. These were taken on my recent trip to the new De Young museum in Golden Gate Park.
La Luz de Jesus Gallery's annual group show
These are pieces that have been accepted into the annual group show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. The opening is tomorrow night, and unlike last year i won't be able to make the journey down south to be there. Check out the show if you are in the area, let me know what you think of it. The show runs from March 3rd to April 2nd, and the opening is tomorrow night from 8 to 11pm. La Luz de Jesus gallery is located at- 4633 Hollywood Blvd. in L.A.
Saturday morning sketches.
After a week of being in my studio, i had to go outside for at least an hour to get some sanity back. I woke up early saturday morning, hopped into my car, and drove only five minutes away to do some landscapes. It was nice to have some real peace and quiet. I don't allow myself to do this very often.
More images from "IL PRIMO AMORE".
These are some of the new images from the story that i am working on at the moment. These particular images are markers that indicate where the story goes, like postacrds of where the scooter is at any particular moment.
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