Donald Kilpatrick
The Big Three killed my baby.
So as you all know the auto executives from the “Big three” arrived in Washington a few weeks back tin cup in hand as they stepped out of their private jets. It is a strange time in Michigan these days. Everyone is on edge. It seems that your everyday person is caught in the crossfire between congress, the big three, and the UAW.

If I were the PR guy for the big three, I would have made these auto executives drive themselves to Washington in the new line of fuel efficient cars that they are just now starting to produce, in order to show that Detroit can make cars that are just as good and innovative as foreign car manufacturers. They would have had concrete data from this drive that proves (at least for GM’s sake…) that some of their new line-up of cars is just as efficient as what Honda or Toyota produces. It would have been far more compelling for congress to consider giving them some aid.

Only after getting push back from congress did these executives try and use a page from the Iococa playbook by saying they would take a $1 salary for the year.

This whole thing is complicated, and I don’t know the answers, but while these auto executives are sewing their golden parachutes, and the UAW continues to play its tired games, the everyday person in Michigan waits for the other shoe to drop.

Before moving here I didn’t really understand the meaning of the White Stripes song “The big three killed my baby”.  These past few weeks have given me more appreciation for this song.  Pay close attention to the lyrics. Jack White is spot-on in his assessment.

Check ‘em out at Youtube.


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