Donald Kilpatrick
Remembering Imre Molnar.

About two weeks ago, like many others, I received the shocking news that Imre Molnar has passed away. This is a huge loss for his family, for the College for Creative Studies, and for many others who knew him.
Imre Molnar is one of the five important mentors in my life so far. I am a firm believer in that one can find mentors of all kinds throughout life, but there are those rare individuals that stand out from the rest that you remember often. There are many mentors in one’s life, but there are few who challenge you. Imre was one of these for me. I have found in many instances when I remember mentors such as Imre that these remembrances act as catalysts for meaningful change in my life. His challenge to me many times was to not become complacent, and to not accept mediocrity from myself, but to expect more. This is not an easy task.
Many times a mentor like Imre can be frustrating, but I have found that this is the case only because I knew his criticisms were right most of the time. Imre always did this in a kind but firm manner, and few people possess this talent to lead you towards the serious self-reflection of things that you can improve upon.
I miss him already, and it will take some time to find another mentor like him, but maybe I never will. Maybe the lesson that I need to reflect on this that I need to see in myself the qualities that he saw and be that kind of mentor to others. I feel that it is sad that it takes something like this for me to reflect upon this, but maybe not.
You see someone like Imre is like one of those rare comets that streams by the earth every few hundred years, and is brilliant to watch. You feel privileged to have been here to see it. They are only here for a short time, but how memorable they are!
I will never forget him, and I will do my best to be that kind of mentor.

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