David Gothard
January 2007
Happy Birthday Randy
Randall at the 2006 Inx pool party.
Cheers to one of the sweetest and most talented guys I know, Drawger, Randy Enos.
The Journey Begins...
Anna opens the letter (with apologies to Zimm)
My daughter recieves the early decision acceptance letter to the college of her choice. Her criteria for choosing a school was that it be small, with a strong sense of community, and provide a well rounded education. the priority, of course, for this passionate & gifted young woman (gush), is that it have an outstanding theater program. We were advised by faculty at NYU & Rutgers (without knowing where we lived) that this Pennsylvania college was one of the best for musical theater and drama.  And so the journey begins.
Back to the Future
So many years between these cards. Incidentally, I thought I was smiling (both times).
So I return to the place that inspired me to pursue my passion for drawing. It's tempting to say that my new role at Pratt is no longer on the  receiving end. But anyone who teaches well, knows that not to be true. It's an inspiring give and take exchange of ideas. If it were not for the monumental artists (perhaps more importantly - extraordinary  human beings) like Jos A. Smith and James Grashow, I would surely have taken another path. BIG shoes to fill. Wish me luck in my efforts to make a difference in the new crop of artist hopefuls.
Martin Luther King
Few public figures stir the heart and soul like Martin Luther King did, and still does. When my kids were small, I'd sit them down to listen to his speeches on this anniversary date. What would follow was a larger discussion of American values. King remains a heroe and an example of decency and courage in this household.
I gave myself 2 hours this morning to create this image. The medium...brush & ink, & foil.
Still in Theater Mode
This job about intellectual property and the performing arts, landed in a timely way, since lately I've had occasion to do some theater imagery. The article was about where the line is drawn on interpretations of plays and infringements of copyright. In case it hasn't been obvious, I seem to always pare down the image to a central symbolic figure.  I think my work is best in this iconic approach. Although, I'm terribly envious (admiring, really) of artists who think in reverse ...of using a visually complicated image to convey the mesage.
A Round of Applause for
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