David Gothard
May 2006
Big night, bright star....
I'm gonna do my best to keep the proud papa gushing to a minimum. Last night was the big extravaganza televised ceremonies honoring all the high school's theatre productions in a wide area of what is known here as the Lehigh Valley. It's kinda like a pseudo version of the Tony awards, with all the hype, limos, tuxedoes, red carpets, and excitement. My daughter came away with the prize, but has it all in reasonable perspective ( I don't ).
China's bullish stock market
A couple of years ago I did a cover piece for the WSJ that must have made a lasting impression cause they seem to think of me for similar assignments, always citing this bull/bear piece. Tomorrow's cover illo is on the Chinese stock market. The request was to make it link to the earlier "costume" art.
One of a series of ongoing comics. No publisher yet. i think only Drawger Zimm has seen any of these. Would love all the Drawger's feedback (critical & otherwise).
The Senior Prom
Anna (a junior) leaving for the Senior Prom
Following on the heels of Randy's prom daughter, ready for prom festivities, with her date (who looks like he won the lottery). I am just off-screen holding a shotgun.
Historical Humor...
Today's illo on two explorers that fought over discovering Lake Victoria (source of the Nile), in Africa.
today's illos...
Just finished this limited color piece on North Korean women kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. This and the Oz art could not be more different in mood.
A fellow drawger asked me to post today's WSJ Leisure & Arts page illo on the Oz writer, Frank L. Baum.
It's a wrap!
As promised, the end result.
For me, sometimes the challenge of the final art is to capture the kind of vigorous energy of the 3 minute initial sketch. Since sketches are designed to sell the concept, they are stripped of all the finessing that takes place in the finished product. I pitched this for an article on flood insurance...dunno if it will fly, but I am already attached to the flow and ebb of lines in this drawing....and it's never a good idea to become too attached.
X-RAY fetish...
Confession: I've always loved the ghostly B&W quality of x-ray's. I usually manage to convince doctors to let me have them. This is an x-ray of my greyhound's pelvis, taken this morning, after she took a nasty spill (is ok now). My obsession started long before seeing "The Man with X-Ray Eyes" with Ray Milland ( remember the last line in the film?..."if thine eyes offend thee, pluck them out"). I was the kid (sucker) that sent away for the x-ray glasses from the comic book's back cover. Once on, I really believed my eyes were penetrating women's clothing...was an imaginative adolescent. The orbs of light are not the chi or energy flowing through my's the trees behind the window where the pic was taken.
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