David Gothard
October 2008
The Party is Over
"The Age of Prosperity is Over" The Wall St. Journal
This feels like a good time for our collective national conscience to pause and reflect about  the current circumstances. Nothing should come as a surprise, given the neo con philosophies that have goverened us, blind faith in America's big casino - the stock market, and a sense of entitlement that led average citizens to live way beyond their means through credit debt. However, I'm feeling hopeful.  In the context of history, a period of degredation, excess, lack of empathy, and injust followed by an age of compassion and enlightened governing.
Current Events
For TIME on the fear in both camps, of election fraud.
Not surprisingly, the majority of my work these days is divided between the election and the economy. Here are some highlights.
For Mother Jones on a day of reckoning for corporations and investors who use off shore tax shelters
This could work as a generic piece on the economy, but is actually running today in the WSJ on the Breeder's Cup.
As the economy slows, corporations are devoting more recourses to cyber security. For the Wall St. Journal
For AARP on the rising cost for the elderly to heat their homes.
For the WSJ, on using the "liberal" label.
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