David Gothard
March 2007
Applying Abstract Textures to the Human Form
Using the abstract piece from the earlier post, I began experimenting with what might happen if it were applied to the figure. Here are a few preliminary results.
Viola!!! A happy accident.....a gorilla head built into the form.
When not creating art on demand
This one titled "NOCTURNE"
I try to remain disciplined about using my "down time" constructively. Here is one in a series of non-illustration pieces I'm developing. Would love everyone's honest feedback, but am reluctant to reveal the process....just yet.
My Armor Fetish
My two contributions to this interesting show on artist's take on armor at the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, PA.

I've always been interested in the imaginitive designs for metal as it conforms to the human (or animal) form.
Amour d’ Armor: Fear, Fantasy, and Fashion in the New Age
Historically, the function of armor has been protection, although during some eras, such as the Renaissance, its use was primarily ceremonial and as fashion. The need for protection has guided human inventiveness throughout history. In the complex modern age, our desire for safety may be greater than ever, even as we realize the essential futility of warding off all dangers, real or imagined. In the quest for protection, contemporary inventors and artists alike have created wildly inventive devices that fuse practicality, fantasy, paranoia, and fashion. This exhibition will explore recent “armor,” from the fantastic to the practical, in a collection of objects that reveal the obsessions of our age. Curated by Lafayette art historians Robert S. Mattison and Ida Sinkevic

Reception: Sunday, April 1, 4:30-6 p.m.
Why I love Watercolor
Appearingin in today's WSJ, I decided to render this piece (about extremists aquiring more media coverage than ever) in watercolor, sans ink. I knew that i wanted the successive layers of wash to dictate how and where the heads would emerge. As the swirls of color were applied, I looked for an eye here, a mouth there, until the strands of smoke disappeared, leaving only anguished heads behind. This is the beauty of the medium, the transparency allowing for so many levels of color and depth.
It's Showtime...Opening Night
Thoroughly Modern Millie began it's run last night, with my daughter in the role of Millie. It played to a sold out audience and Anna was in her best form. We delivered the backdrops the night before the full dress rehearsal and everyone seems pleased with the result. If you think facing the "white Bull" of a blank piece of paper can be intimidating...try 48 feet of blank canvas.
A view of the down stage curtain with the excellent pit band.
Just a few of the photos I shot with a telephoto lens.
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