David Gothard
February 2007
Punch the cop, Judy the judge
Just don't get stopped for a traffic violation in L.A. as this image illustrates. This cover art was for the LATimes on the kangaroo courts, where never a ticket is overturned, police lie and judges rubber stamp.

I'm adding puppets to my list of favorite things to draw. Feel free to list YOUR  faves.

1- skeletons
2- dragons
3- puppets
It's Showtime (part 2)
It's always startling to have an illustration you've done at, say 22 inches high, enlarged to 22 feet high. The high school leased several local billboards with this image.
The Poster.
It's Showtime (Part 1)
DG, JG, & Bob
There's been little time to blog lately because the backdrop time of year has rolled around again. My daughter is the lead in this year's high school production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie". So i get to do the scenery. This year, I followed the ideas & drawings of my friend (and muralist) James Gloria. Together with a third friend, we finished and hung the first of a series of curtains and props. Sorry...gotta go. There's another 48 foot curtain to paint tonight.
Painting on the floor presents a number of challenges. We held our breath when the curtain was hung for fear that the perspective was skewed.
Take Five works!!!
My Rube Goldberg
I always strive for a fresh image and generally avoid the obvious, which I guess is why I never used the Rube Goldberg concept before. But in thinking about the problems of medicare for this assignment from the Wall St. Journal, the Goldberg metaphor felt so appropriate.
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