David Gothard
October 2006
A Testimonial
I balked at the fax machine when it first made the scene, but it allowed me to choose where I make my home and studio. I resisted the computer as well, but with it's introduction, I was able to juggle more than one deadline a day. In the last few years, I've known that the solution to catching jobs on the getting a blackberry. But do I wanna be one of these guys you see pacing on subway platforms, frantically sending & receiving emails, a slave to a 3 x 4" device? A "crackberry", as one drawger aptly put it. Well folks, I'm here to testify. I've been paranoid about leaving the studio during the day, as I've missed a number of jobs in the past that land via email. Often my clients don't follow up with a cell call, probably because at the point of contact, only a few hours remain to complete the job. On to the next iller. Yesterday, I purchased the crackberry from a mall kiosk where they patiently got it up & running quickly. Exiting the mall (always a relief) my berry goes off with an incoming quick turnaround job. A job I would've missed since I'd planned to run errands afterwards. The job fee was exactly equal to the sum of a year's worth of blackberry service payments. Needless to say, I hightailed it back to the studio. Yep...I'm hooked.
Eat your heart out....
No, that's not a little person's hand. It's just a big freakin tomato!!
What has this to do with art? I dunno, but it's my creation, and it's big and beautiful, and heart shaped, and colorful, and juicy, and tasty, and it was grown with tender lovin care. And I've been waitin on this since the first frost. Every day I check the progress of the color red as it slowy transforms from green on my windowsill. Today, my lunch was ceremonial as I sliced a wedge so big, it dwarfed my burger. So if you are among those that have little interest in some other guys tomatoes, I's the simple rewards in life that make MY day.
The desecrated version.
It's CHA-CHA time....
The campaigns are heating up and so we must watch the dance of empty promises, manipulation, greed, and malice. So if I feel this way, why am I so compelled to draw political images? Answer: what's more fun than drawing an elephant and a donkey doing the cha-cha?... well, maybe dragons. Or pirates. Or actually DANCING the cha-cha.
An event....
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