David Gothard
April 2006
Plight (or flight) of the artist...
Just finished this, my third deadline for today. Am truly spent, but thought I'd throw this up before I go rehab in the gardens. Was for an interesting article about the exodus of artists from NYC to greener pastures out West. Gets into how few artists can really make a go of it and the squalid conditions some must live in to survive in NYC. OK folks, we are operating on new ground rules, so feel free to rip into this while I go hide.
While on the subject of books...
Ok, last post for awhile - gotta hit the boards. Krazy Kat has been mentioned a number ot times here, so I want to share one of my personal faves..."Archy & Mehitabal" by Don Marquis,illos by Herriman. I picked it up at a second hand bookshop back when I first began drooling all over my sneakers whilst looking at Krazy Kat....fer 50 cents!!! The original copyright is 1927, my copy is 1944. It's prolifically illustrated (drawings not found elsewhere) and is a hoot to read. Kat & Ignatz are here transformed into the characters of Archy & Mehitabel. Nope, sorry, not loaning this out. You'll have to drop by the studio if you wanna spend some time with it.
Field guide to materials...
I suppose I could let you discover the amazing accomplishments of fellow Drawger Jos. A. Smith on your own, but then again, I'm happy to share my best kept secrets. Generally speaking, I'm not much for the "how to" or "guide" genre of books. Mainly because I think it better to learn such things through trial and error, and...with all the great works of literature still waiting for me to discover them, I have felt it best to adhere to my reading list. But, there is an exceptional book out there researched and written by Joseph, that is certainly worth reading. I learned a great deal about materials and their applications/backgrounds, and great artists works employing them. There is a good sampling of Joe's work throughout.
Anti - War Sculptures
My three anti war sculptures are displayed together in the lobby of the Skillman at Lafayette College. The close up is of the "Ruby Throated Warrior". When working on them they felt entirely separate from one another, but now they feel in concert together (see more in my "non illustration stuff" category). Reminder for NYC Drawgers....tonight is the Draw-a-thon at Pratt (see my earlier article). Jos A. Smith & I plan to be there and fill up a few sketch pads. 16 models! I died and am going to life drawing heaven!
Art in Nature...
I make a regular habit of walking in our gardens w/camera in hand, during the summer months. Nancy inspired me to post this lucky pic (from last summer) of a dragonfly showing off it's ability to blend with the environment, choosing to light on a plant of the same color scheme.
Randy & Woody
Unearthed this in my studio recently - Circa '77-'78. Funny thing is, I still FEEL like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Slow day here, too.
The Entertainer
The Skillman Library at Lafayette College.
Gave a talk to academia this week (me on the left). The focus was Iraq and terrorism, using my editorial work as the vehicle. Admirably, the college is attempting to raise the consciousness on campus - Joel Meyorwitz talked last week (a tough act to follow). Started out with 150 images, editing it down to around half that. Had a very thoughtful and interested crowd in attendance and so it went very well. The principle point I was trying to make was that in the age of spin, rhetoric and propaganda, the artist as "purveyor of truth" can cut through it all like a knife. Or, conversely, become a tool of the propaganda machine. Because of the narrow and often skewed opinion expressed in editorials, I try not to illustrate the rant, but instead find a universal humanity - engaging viewers emotionally and hopefully provoking them to think beyond the rhetoric. Having just put this down as text, it looks so damn lofty and self important, but luckily, I think I struck the right chord for the talk.
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