David Gothard
March 2006
Fave quickie of the week
This one on the remarks made by an Iranian leader, invoking the (last) helicopter as a symbol for America's failures at war.
A must see show
Man, I'm in some good company this time. If you are in NYC, this is worth your time. The theme is art for social change and it's very powerful art.
Sculpture Finished
"Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse" or "A Half Dozen Really Bad Ideas"
I got an education in the do's & don't's of bonding glass on this one. In the end these fellows are permanent fixtures. This makes the latest in a series of anti war sculptures. On to the next......
Life Drawing
If your lucky, there is a college nearby that has open door life drawing one night a week. I do it once in awhile and find it lubricates the drawing chi nicely. See my life drawing gallery fer more.
Draw til you drop!
postcard promo
For those of you who love drawing from the model but don't get enough time's your all nighter, drawing from several models, plus pizza. Man, who could ask for anything more. I've heard about this from friends for years, but this will be my first time I'm participating. Scratch it in yer calendars.
New sculpture piece
A head from "6 horsemen of the apocalypse"
Am assembling all the many finished parts to my most recent sculpture, "Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse", all in glass (& paint) and made from laboratory test tubes, light bulbs etc. Another cheery piece from yours truly. As of now there are some bonding issues that are delaying completion. It will be on display with other (non illo) stuff when I give a slideshow talk at the Skillman Library/lafayette College, on April 12th.
Rubber Stampin Mania
A cropped figure from "Gluttony" Ink & a Brush with Death.
This stamp turned out very well, I think. Was almost hoping it wouldn't so's I can stop this foolishness.
Digital vs. Film
Film; a thing of the past.
Today's job - an illo for an interestin article on the pros and cons of abandoning film for digital photography. Photo historians worry about losing images to deteriorating discs and discarded hard drives. The claim is that photos are not as physical as they once were and therefore not safegaurded as well. Is a good case to backup those images again, and again.......
Loof Lion
1900 Coney Island carousel menagerie animal presumed to have been carved by Loof.
The carousel lion I restored as relates to the article below.
Token Artist...
Show curtain for local high school musical "State Fair".
Call me De gratis artist. Every community has to have a village idiot and a token artist. That's me (the token artist - wise guy) and since my daughter stars in the high school play....guess who does all the backdrops? I enlisted a friend, and together we banged out three 14'x42' backdrops in little over a week - working the graveyard shift to get it done in time. I do manage to have some fun though. This pic is of the show curtain I decided to give a carny theme to, which actually has very little to do with the wholesome, hoaky world of the Iowa state fair. Also managed to borrow a circa 1900 Coney Island carousel lion for the play. Had restored it some 6 or 7 years ago after it's discovery in a storage shed. Some knucklehead with a goldfinger fixation had sprayed it with gold paint and (probably) having realized the crime he'd comitted, abandoned it to decay. I'll post a pic of the lion in it's current glory.
Rubber Stamps (continued)
"Stranger in a Strange Land"
Haven't made rubber stamps in years and almost forgot how much fun they are. Was inspired by the discussion I sent this little critter off to be etched in rubber and now he is multiplying all over my studio.
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