Daniel Pelavin
November 2011
le calendrier nouveau est arrivé
It has been my incredible good fortune this past year to develop the design, packaging and promotion for a comprehensive line of luxury French toiletries. So, as I searched about looking for imagery to share with friends and clients this holiday season, it came to me to feature some of the work I created for this project.
La Société Parisienne de Savons celebrates the elegance and style of Art Deco in a collection of subtly scented soaps and toiletries with vintage design and typography in homage to the lavish and elaborate packages of a bygone era.
This year's calendar features designs from the collection and, though dated for a year when the oeuvre was originally in vogue, its days and dates are identical to those of 2012.

Brother can you spare a mutual fund?
Headline for today's WSJ story about some very expensive (and frighteningly grotesque) homes that are going up for auction because nobody wants to buy them. "I need to see more prestige" said the editor. "Hmm, maybe some fancy swashes and a little gold leaf" said the illustrator. "Love it!!!" said the art director.
You can never have too many rough sketches

With rough sketch as a template, creating the letterforms is child's play

With fill attribute applied, the message begins to take form

The final trick: get the whole thing to read against a very costly chunk of multicolored sky

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