Daniel Pelavin
December 2010
Unexpected perks

This piece for the Weekend Arts section of today's New York Times illustrates some of the surprise benefits of the work I so joyously pursue.

Not only did I receive a sweet email from the girl for whom I had the most agonizing crush all through high school but, my copy of the paper came with a coupon for 50% off Home Delivery.*

I owe a debt of appreciation to Richard Aloisio for his skillful art direction, to the New York Times for 30 years of assignments and to the amazing Stuart Davis whose work has been a major influence ever since I first saw his painting on a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts a half-century ago.

*For the first 12 weeks with credit card payment for readers who have not had home delivery within the past 90 days. Offer expire 2/28/11.
Why 1938?

Years ago, I acquired a collection of old matchbook covers and, taken by their
sophisticated simplicity, vowed to share these lost and forgotten treasures one day.

This year I’ve recreated a dozen of them with careful attention to detail, down to the naive typography, less-than-perfect printing quality and softly tarnishing metallic inks.

As we travel that thin line between yesterday and tomorrow, it’s so easy to become attenuated to the wonder that lies in every moment.

So, for this season of renewed hopes and aspirations, I offer 365 days of a new year couched in the kinder, gentler imagery of one past with identical dates, that you may, occasionally, awaken from your daydream to delight in the infinite nature of time.

Very best wishes for the year ahead.

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