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The globe has been appearing more and more frequently lately on the display of my iMac (21.5", Mid-2010). I was curious to see just how many times I've done them for jobs and came up with this compendium. Herewith, a judiciously edited baker's dozen. 
What do you do with $3 corn and $8 beans?
Early adventure into "engraved" rendering.
Just a little heads-update about what is going on in the world of certified management accountants. Because we need to know.
With delicate hatching and guillochet engraving, the world becomes a multi-colored fantasy of counterfeit protection.
Perhaps economic sanctions will save our planet.
Fake edge highlights explored, not yet perfected.
Scouring the globe for employee corruption right from my beloved Michigan (exaggerated for emphasis).
The spark of a connection you only dreamed possible.
A cabbage and tomato recipe said to taste "out of this world."
I can't think of anything to say for this one but, I kind of liked it.
An abundance of Johnson & Johnson products for the world to enjoy.
An early entrant into the Stock Cuts archive of stock cuts.
OK, I might as well put it up everywhere.
Years in the making but, spanning centuries, my first official newsletter. I finally found enough stuff that I felt was worthy of sharing. Note the snappy copy. 
My home town
Slowly going down the tubes. Hint: read the copy on the label.
Give or take 84 years
With its origins in the city of Cologne, Germany in 1709 and described by its creator as reminiscent of “a spring morning in the mountains of Italy in the middle of a field of daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain,” eau de Cologne quickly became the favored scent of the royal houses of Europe and, ultimately a generic term.
The images on this calendar were re-created from early 20th century labels, with care taken to avoid “improving” or “correcting”  the original designs and typography. The dates coincide with those of 2014.
Wishing every day of your new year to be rich with sweet and fragrant experiences.
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