Dale Stephanos
June 2010
Mother Jones

A big thanks to Tim Luddy at Mother Jones for choosing me to do this month's cover and interior art for a story on Glenn Beck. I knew who Beck was of course, but I had never spent any time really paying attention to him. To get into the right frame of mind I had his show on while I worked on this, and I gotta say, it was not pleasant. He's pretty much doing a run of the mill televangelist act in the political talk theater, so score points for breaking new ground. I guess I'm just not his target audience. I prefer Jon Stewart's imitation of him.
The story is about how Beck shills for a company that practices a bait and switch method of selling gold. You call to buy what they're advertising and they direct you to a larger quantity of lesser value product. The term "Douche Chills" is what comes to mind.

The spread inside. I liked the way he's dispensing coins.

This is as tight as I got with the figures down below. I like just letting them appear as they come.

This was a last minute spot. It's addressing how Beck's advertisers are getting out of Dodge.

This was fun job - right up my alley. I love politics and the chance to have some fun with meatheads like Beck.
Thanks Tim!
New York Observer
This was for Nancy Butkus at the New York Observer. The story addresses Anna Carter, the wife and woman behind the curtain to Vanity Fair editor and man about town Graydon Carter. It appears that she is the peanut butter to his jelly, holding things together when need be.
I've been sort of circling the Observer for a while, looking for a way in. I was under the impression that it was strictly a native New Yorker club as far as illustrators go. I had known it as the playground of Juhasz, Burke, Freidman, and Grossman. All giants. When I started researching material for this job I flipped through "THE KINGDOM OF NEW YORK" - a compilation of the best of the Observer over the years. The art in there is simply draw (ha ha..ehh) dropping.
But apparently they've opened things up a bit and had some of us from the hinterlands throw our two cents in. This is my kind of gig. I get to retreat to my default setting of 13 year old in the back of the class making fun of those who are in charge.
Thanks Nancy!
A little reference shot. All that time at the arcade finally paid off.
Great face!

Big Bill Broonzy
Just messing around with this strange stuff I found. I think they call it "Paint". It's messy.

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