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Liberty Exposed

OCTOBER 21, 2013

It's always a good day when Mother Jone's art director Tim Luddy calls. And he does call, as in on the telephone. Most inquiries into my availability for an assignment are done through email, which is fine. But it's nice to talk through ideas the old fashioned way once in a while. Tim has announced that he's leaving Mother Jones and he will be missed. He's always been a champion of illustration and I considered myself very fortunate to fall into the menu of a man who I otherwise believe has exquisite taste in the illustrators he works with.
This issue focuses on our e-privacy and how we demand protection against unwanted prying eyes while simultaneously indulging in a compulsive mission to share, display, and expose almost every move we make.

Here are the thumbnails I sent after Tim described the direction he'd like to pursue. Also, I was to keep in mind that there may be a full page feature opener inside the magazine. These sketches were done on an ipad.

I got a kick out of this idea and had fun executing it. We tried to walk the line of good taste, only showing butt cleavage and a suggestion of breast. It was suggested that the image in the phone screen be topless, but nipples might go too far. I'm just happy that I was able to provide Lady Liberty some relief from those heavy robes.
Thanks again to Tim and good luck in your next incarnation. Namaste!