Dale Stephanos
February 2012

I was hanging off the back of what would be an 84 mile death march bike ride with my new master's cycling team when I thought I'd snap a photo to post on Facebook. Before I could get the camera up on the phone, an email from the New York Observer's art director, Laura Draper asserted itself , asking if I could do a cover. "Sounds like fun" I shot back, snapped the photo, and proceeded to hold on for dear life. This is how business is done in the 2010's.
The story is pretty universal these days: How can examples of old media hang on to relevance in today's blossoming, expanding media and cultural landscape. It's a topic that's often discussed in my house and after hundreds of hours of debate, I still have no clue. Anyway, the idea here is to have NBC's Brian Williams trying his best to fit in with New York's hipster crowd.
A side note. Does anyone really like Pabst Blue Ribbon? I mean come on, all irony aside, that stuff brings the taste of high school excess back to me in a room spinning wave of nerves that make me think I need to start cleaning up before my father gets home.
My office for the day.

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