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OCTOBER 1, 2012

My first real client as a freelancer was the Boston Phoenix. It was 1992 (I think) and I had been working for the Boston Herald for a few years doing editorial cartoons and the occasional op-ed illustration. I heard somwhere that a good way to get work was to take a story that had been printed with photographs and do an illustration showing how you would have approached the problem. Well, it worked and the Phoenix provided lots of fast turnaround jobs over the years. They recently did a full redesign from a newspaper format to a glossy magazine. Big improvement.
This was for an interview with Morrissey - the singer for The Smiths. He comes across as aloof and rather full of himself, so we thought the idea of playing off the McKayla Maroney meme would be amusing. She was the silver medal winning gymnast in the olympics who seemed quite ticked off that she could only pull off a second place. Keven Banks and Kristen Goodfriend art directed.