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Fight Club - Mother Jones

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012

It feels like bandwagon jumping, posting my cover illustration for this month's Mother Jones, but it's really just serendipity that I can hang on to MJ's coattails while they do a victory lap. When Tim Luddy called me in August to commission this cover (as I was packing the car for a vacation) the issue was about the financial underdogs fighting back against monied interests. Who knew that the most viscious uppercut against the GOP's hopes to regain the oval office would come from none other than Mitt Romney himself. Just when I say I hate politics, throw my hands in the air and begin to walk away, great entertainers like Mitt Romney come along and I slowly lower myself back into the chair and lean forward smiling. What will he do next? I can't wait to find out.

After Tim and I talked through what needed to be done he sent me the above image as an example of where they wanted the cover to go. We agreed that this image was a bit too gruesome, but liked the spirit of it. By the way, this Bloomberg Businessweek cover never ran, but it's far more well known than the one that did.
As always, thanks to Tim Luddy and the staff at Mother Jones.