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Wedded Bliss

APRIL 5, 2012

Here's the New York Observer front page that I did last week. As many of you have no doubt discovered, the best way to secure an almost overwhelming volume of fun, interesting work is to schedule an expensive vacation. A mere weekend getaway won't do the trick, it must be an event that requires a multi hour voyage above 30,000 feet, passports, and most importantly, children who have been looking forward to the trip and programmed daily "Days Left Until" alarms into their gadgets. Lauren Draper called just as I was clawing my way to the end zone in a game of You Won't Make The Deadline for several other jobs, and I told her that I couldn't fit her in. She said the issue was Obama's straddling the line on the gay marriage issue. Too much fun. So, just to prove that you can do just about anything with enough caffiene, I accepted the job and hit the gas.
Vacation was fun too.

I sought out the handsomest guy in the house and told him to give me a good talking to. As you can see, I've been lifting quite a bit.