Dale Stephanos
Gov. Rick Perry for the Dallas Morning News

 A while back I caught Texas governor Rick Perry on the Daily Show. With his great hair, ruggedly weathered face and easy, smooth smile I thought that if I were ever to cast the role of Satan for a movie, this gentleman would be my first call. So imagine my delight when Mark Hogue from the Dallas Morning News called a few weeks later to ask if I’d whip up a portrait of the man they named Texan of the Year….Governor Rick Perry.
Michael explained that Perry is either a love him or hate him kind of guy, but they’d rather not have an obvious editorial slant in the picture. I’m hoping that I was subtle enough.
Thanks Michael!
Handsome devil.

My inspiration for the tone of this piece. While I have the feeling that the Texas governor is a wolf in Wolf's clothing, I think Zimm is a sheep in Wolf's clothing. This will probably get me booted from the premises.

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