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James Ellroy

SEPTEMBER 17, 2010

Over the past year or so I've been day dreaming about creating hand made things again. A few years ago when I was buried under a pile of work, I vowed to learn how to work digitally. I did and never looked back. It was a good decision - I could do twice the work in half the time and to my eye it looked just as good if not better than my painted work. And changes? Ha! No problem.
But in keeping with the grass is always greener philosphy, I started wondering if I'd ever paint again. And then wondering if I could. So a while ago I stumbled across an A3 size Moleskine sketchbook that's perfect for no stress, low pressure painting situations. I'd hesitate to call this experimental, rather just learning how to walk again. It's fun. Yes, FUN!
Oh, this cat is James Ellroy, one of my favorite authors. If you enjoy conspiracy theories told in a Charlie Parker like machine gun delivery, Ellroy will be right up your alley. It started as a doodle while I was on the phone taking notes on a job and grew into this oil painting. I think the photo I was looking at was in Time. It's been recycled so I'm not sure who the photog is.