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New York Observer

JUNE 16, 2010
This was for Nancy Butkus at the New York Observer. The story addresses Anna Carter, the wife and woman behind the curtain to Vanity Fair editor and man about town Graydon Carter. It appears that she is the peanut butter to his jelly, holding things together when need be.
I've been sort of circling the Observer for a while, looking for a way in. I was under the impression that it was strictly a native New Yorker club as far as illustrators go. I had known it as the playground of Juhasz, Burke, Freidman, and Grossman. All giants. When I started researching material for this job I flipped through "THE KINGDOM OF NEW YORK" - a compilation of the best of the Observer over the years. The art in there is simply draw (ha ha..ehh) dropping.
But apparently they've opened things up a bit and had some of us from the hinterlands throw our two cents in. This is my kind of gig. I get to retreat to my default setting of 13 year old in the back of the class making fun of those who are in charge.
Thanks Nancy!
A little reference shot. All that time at the arcade finally paid off.
Great face!