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A Public Hanging (out)

DECEMBER 10, 2014
I have a show up currently at the Thayer Gallery in Braintree MA. The opening (actually a middle-ing since the show was open two weeks prior) was last Saturday night and all sorts of great people were kind enough to attend. Here is photographic proof, an alibi if you will. 
The calm before the storm.
Scott Bakal, Me, Victor Juhasz
Tom Luft, The Lovely Julia Luft, Hall O' Famer Satch (The Satch) Sanders
The back of a gentleman's noggin with Skip James staring him down. John Lee Hooker looks ready to get Skip's back should the troubles present themselves.
Rob Dunleavey explaining to Theresa Seelye that this is probably not quite art. Still.
Casey Tebo, film director and Aerosmith videographer, his massively talented photographer wife Melissa Mahoney, and Victim advocate/kick ass attorney Wendy Murphy all amused by something amusing.
Fox 25 anchor Mark Ockerbloom and the wonderful Sheila Peterson.
I've wanted Carlos Arredondo, Boston Marathon hero, and Victor Juhasz to meet for a long time, simply because they share a deep humanity that I can only begin to understand. Each has gone the extra mile in his own way.
Tim O'Brien made the trip all the way from Brooklyn. I was very touched by that. It's hard just to get me out of the house. I saw Tim looking closely at the stuff on the walls at one point and I had to turn away.
Bob Pastore showed up! I think he sold Louisa Bertman a double spread in next year's Workbook.
My mother, Virginia Sanders and my high school sweetheart, who I still have a crush on.
It was a fun night, with the real stars of the show being the incredibly accomplished array of people who chose to come out on a cold drizzly Saturday night in December. Thanks everyone!