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Here's a fun cover I did for 5280 magazine in Denver. Apparently the Superbowl Champion Denver Broncos offseason has been a bit of a circus. Aqib Talib shot himself, Vonn Miller was on every single tv show that aired. Anywhere. The legendary butffumbler Mark Sanchez appeared to be John Elway's answer to Peyton Manning, who bade farewell the the NFL by turning in worst superbowl performance by a quarterback in like, ever. Demaryius Thomas still has the hands of an unathletic Pinocchio.
Really, though, the Denver fans are the most fun. There's a fine line betweeen the rabid, face painting football fan and a dark corner of the internets inspired Cosplayer. Think about it.
Dave McKenna was the art director for this, and he was very sympathic to the fact that I was working on this while on vacation on Martha's Vineyard, often working in damp surfer shorts and sandy feet.
Here are some snaps of the horrible working conditions I had to endure. Is OSHA in the house?!
Poker Faces - Mother Jones
Dogs. Did you know they play poker? They're good because, let's face it. Dogs are liars. Not as bad as cats but that doesn't matter because eveyone know cats can't play poker. They are animals. Dogs are like people. Just ask a dog owner, they'll tell you. But they won't tell you how they lost their shirt in a card game with the pooch. No they won't.
This little beauty of a picture was commissioned by Carolyn Perot at Mother Jones for a story on how fat cat Sheldon Adelson is screwing the pooch. That would be a much more repulsive yet entertaining picture.
Hell Toupeé
Here are some variations on the Trump theme. To me Trump embodies the ugly American so many of us don't see in ourselves, yet is obvious to those looking in from the outside. The only thing that's more frightening than the idea of Trump somehow becoming President of the United States is the possibility that someone, anyone I know would vote for him. If you are so inclined, please don't tell me.
Here's a fun job I did for Kory Kennedy at Revolver magazine. The distinguished subjects of this sophisticated portrait are Corey Taylor (Related to James? Perhaps.), who croons for the band Slipknot, and Randy Blythe, whose melodious musings can be heard with the band Lamb of God.
These gentlemen are, apparently, helping to PREPARE US FOR HELL by bursting forth with microphone melting sermons from down low. When I get to Hell I'll be sure to tell them you all said hello.
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