Robert Crawford
New beginnings
Hello everyone and thanks for inviting me to join Drawger. I've been a big fan and have enjoyed reading this blog for years. I want to especially thank Alan Witschonke, my friend and classmate from RISD. The bar has been set quite high here and I'm going to try and live up to it.
I'm calling this first post "New Beginnings" because for me I feel like this is a new begining. Recently, I've gone through some life changing experiences. a divorce after 30 years of marriage and losing both my parents all in the span of about 5 years. Through it all I've felt lucky there was a constant in my life. Art. It got my through some rough times.Now it seems things are on a roll. Gallery sales are good illustration has been nice and steady and I'm now working as an adjunct professor at Western Connecticut State University. 

Like many people on this site I wanted to be an illustrator almost as far back as I can remember. My first job was working for a medical illustrator at Columbia-Presbytian hospital in NYC then later working for an illustration studio. (The same one as the Bill Mayer) I also worked as an art director for two years before going freelance at the ripe old age of 27. It's been a great ride with the usual ups and downs.

I love having a finished painting I can hang on the wall. Book cover art and advertising appeals to me the most as does a plum editorial assignment. I favor conceptual work but lately I've just been doing a lot of book jackets. I'm lucky to have some wonderful agents in Lindgren and Smith. Two real pros.

Several years ago I found myself slow later in the year. Almost always around December . So I thought I'd try and remedy that by starting a business that would produce prints I could sell at Christmas time. I did several paintings close by, all beautiful Connecticut towns. They sold well so I was off and running. They got  into galleries and to my surprise, got me assignments.  the Housatonic Museum of art even acquired my painting of Bethlehem Ct.

One of my favorite clients has been LL Bean. Not only do they give me great subjects to work with but my paintings land on millions of coffee tables all across the country. That's better reach than most magazines. Once again, this client came from my self generated project. LL Bean also buys the original art another plus for us painters.

I'm looking forward to being here and updating my progress. Here's to new beginings!
Color studies

Here is the final art.
final printed cover
Washington Ct
Litchfield, CT "Shopping"

sketches for Educating Jack. part of a series.

Educating Jack for Random House, London
Pampered Pets for Pet Busines magazine
Woodbury, CT "Christmas Eve" (first self-generated project piece)This is the town I lived and work in.

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