Joe Ciardiello
September 2011
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Al Gore was the keynote speaker at this year's PromaxBDA Conference held in NYC this summer. It's a media and marketing organization based in LA. I was comissioned to attend the conference and create artwork for their offices.

Joseph Heller for NY Times Book Review. Nicholas Blechman, AD.

New films from directors Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney for movie review section in American Prospect. Mary Parsons, AD.

Prof. John Irwin who has just written a book about poet Hart Crane and his epic poem "The Bridge" about the Brooklyn Bridge. For Johns Hopkins magazine. Shaul Tsemach, AD.

Andreas Hilka of Allianz for Plan Sponsor Europe. SooJin Buzelli, AD.

I got the chance to meet Gore at a reception during the Promax conference. Here I am oblivious to the protocol of the "meet & greet". You're suppose to look at the camera, idiot.

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