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Some pics from the Meta Opening last Friday : show ends March 29

FEBRUARY 23, 2009
Here is a link to the photos from the show:
It was great to see fellow Drawgers Gary Taxali, Greg Mably (wish we had more time to chat), Julie Breckenried (coming soon to Drawger). Too bad Anita was out of town.
Other illustrators Jose Ortega, Blair Drawson, Joe Morse, Jeff Jackson,  Lorraine Tuscon, Kathrynn Adams, John Todd, Bill Russell was in from SF and Sandra Dionisi-Kind thanks everyone for coming out!
If you get up to Toronto be sure to check out their amazing museum AGO
(Art Gallery of Ontario) and Jose Ortega's club (Lulu lounge and SMASH-his new art and antiquities store)
Designer Karim Rashid's mom was in attendance and into the leopard thing
detail from "Symbiosis in Waiting" 48"x90"
me and Jose in Symbiosis
Gallery owner Jody Polishchuk
Gary looking very healthy and happy
detail "Symbiosis in Waiting"
with Jody Polishchuk in front of "Beauty Traps"
Julia Breckenried thinking about Drawger