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Cari Jackson, my husbands grandma turned 100 years old today

JANUARY 7, 2009
My husband, George Muschler's grandma Cari turned 100!  She has inspired us all with her wisdom, positive attitude, beauty, poise and love.
Cari Jackson immigrated from Vienna, Austria at the age of 6, lost her mother a year later and was effectively raised by her sister.  She married at 17 and went onto become an accomplished artist for twenty years and then in her 40's a fashion designer of note.  This career was interupted by colon cancer and she has survived it for over 55 years!  Aside from her artistic success she has inspired many to become more active as citizens by starting a political group in her assisted living home where they discuss current events once a month and she serves as the moderator between the right and the left.  She has the White House on redial and has written countless letters to politicians and marched on Washington.  Tonight she was featured on Channel 7 news in Chicago and we also created a book of her first 100 years on blurb.com.  Grandma Cari is one of the youngest people I know and has served a great inspiration to me.
These are for you Laura...enjoy!  Amazing how any of these dresses could be worn today.  Thanks for your interest-by the way your print of Bjork is hanging above Ana's bed-she loves it.
this dress is in the Wadsworth Antheneum museum collection in Hartford, CT and was exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum
Here is another era where Cari is at the left with the Tobacco Queen who she designed her wardrobe and served as her chaperone. She also was the designer for the governor of CT wife "Mrs. Lodge", a longstanding relationship which was initiated by a by a call she made to her offering to make her an "I like Ike" skirt during Eisenhower's era since the men had a jacket design.
Grandma Cari at 100!