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Art Basel inspirations

DECEMBER 12, 2008
Barak...I was thinking about how Tim OBrien's work would overtake this work any day. There were quite a few Obama pieces spread around.
Just back from Miami and enjoying the memories in the grey skies of Cleveland.  Brian Stauffer offered up an amazing dinner our first night with his bright and beautiful wife who made an amazing Peruvian dinner ( a highlight for sure of the trip) for Anita, Dick, myself, George, Ann Field, and Jeff Jackson.  They were so generous, bright and gracious and the kids were a testament to all the happiness in that home.  Brian-keep us up to date with your amazing enamel works! 
I am going to post some images that really caught my eye at Art Basel and other fairs: Scope, Aqua and the Know show/Gen Art Vanguard and the good works of our own Marc Burkhardt.  I did not unfortunately jot down any of the artists works, though some will be familiar, so shout it out as I hesitate to post not knowing their names...but the works pulled me in and too much work going on to do some research, please forgive me.
For those of you who have not been before, it is difficult to describe it but there is a casual feeling overall.  A very fancy county fair (think of the art as the animals) with no smells  (not even the smell of big money)  but just as interesting and varied.   The  gallery owners for the big Art Basel main affair spend 30K for their booth spaces and not uncommon to run into Snoop Dog in the corridors.  There was so much, so much art.  I kind of paced myself and selected only a few of the fairs: Art Basel for half a day at the main convention and Aqua hotel in S. Beach and then on the other side of the bridge in the Wynwood district (warehouses) Scope and Art Asia, Aqua Wynwood, and the fair I had some works at GenArt Vanguard: Know show. 
Okay...to the art!  I will post the Shepard Fairry (all his works sold out at Jonathan Levine's) and others in another section.
Brian Stauffers lineup with very satisfied guests
At the Aqau Hotel : Buchoen Gallery, SF...loved this space. Painting in foreground is Mary Lou Zalazney from Chicago-collage and painting. Hard to believe so much of this art was not selling. Everything is a halt it seems, but there were some sales...but either around 1K or 10K. Two kinds of customers.
Antelopes made from rubber tires...some of my favorites in the shows..this one sold
I thought this was really an odd looking fellow with a wooden sculpture of his twin
woman with red clothespin dress.
Perogi gallery took out a separate warehouse on their own. Pretty independant and adventurous gallery-some great figurative works and featured an illustrators work from London. (will post that later)
Perogi-Tony Fitzpatricks space
Silas Marder gallery space
Marc's great works at Silas Marder Gallery. Loved the rabbit piece which had sold when I was visiting. They got a lot of great traffic and were in a great location.
Mark Murphy's space and the great Buzelli works!
Know show: Mark Murphy's booth-MM and Chris Ryniak. He did really well, compared to most and sold over 45 paintings. I sold one piece (the horse piece). He sure did his job of hustling collectors over to this space, which was not as heavily trafficed as others.