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A visit with Chris Buzelli and Soo Jin

OCTOBER 29, 2008
I spent a few days in NY city this week.  I was staying near Chris Buzelli and Soo Jin so walked on over to hang out with them on Sunday.  I think they have the sunniest apt. in Manhatten-great place and I found out he is super in more than one way.   Well here are a few pics of their sweet dog-child who is in love with Chris and the charming and talented SooJin, who just joined ICON's board for next conference (good for you!)  I also got to visit my son James  for his 20th birthday right during his midterms.  I took him to see Lion King on Bway...his first time experiencing a Bway play. His teacher was conducting and another was on the congas...great teachers from Cuba and Jamaica.  I will post some more photos from other great visits to Thomas Woodruffs show, Michelle Hinebrook's studio etc.
Thanks Chris and Soo Jin!  It is amazing to see where it all transpires!
James Muschler