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Alaska's Road to No Where

Final piece as it ran in the paper
Preliminary sketches
I thought given Nancy's great highlight of women's political work and Zimm's analysis and the timely discussion of Alaska's road to no where that I would post my op ed piece from 2005 on the subject.  I remember being really astounded that the government would waste this kind of money.  Had I known that some of that money was taken away from strengthening the levy pre Katrina in New Orleans (correct me if I am wrong as someone just told me this today)...I would have attempted something a bit more strong.  I am curious about Zimm's observations having been told at times by art directors that my work looks like a mans (years ago I was told when living in Dallas).  I do think that my work has become more empathetic the older I get, though many times I am hired because of the feminine quality of the work.  So now I wonder, was my work closer to masculine in my younger years and why has it evolved in this way...hmmmm.  Got me thinking.