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The reception celebration at NBMAA

FEBRUARY 27, 2008
George, James and I headed up on Saturday to take in the museum. They have an amazing Charles Ethan Porter exhibition running through March 18th which was reviewed in last Sundays NY Times.
Thanks for coming out : to illustrators Michael Sloane and his absolutely beautiful family (wish I had a picture of his incredible children), Jody Hewgill and her husband Balvis Ruben and Cynthia Von Buhler and her husband Russell. Also, designer Diane Meier and her husband author, Frank Delaney, artists Danielle Mailer (Norman Mailer's daughter), Barbara Kilpatrick and husband Dr. Chuck Bardes. It was a rough weekend for weather, but luckily Sunday was sunny and lots of great art enthusiasts came by. The show runs through May 4th. More info posted at http://cathiebleck.blogspot.com/
Jody and Balvis, thanks for traveling all the way up from NY and great to visit with you!
Me and my boys! Cari was supposed to come but all of the flights were canceled out of Chicago and no flights to the east coast until Monday. We are such an efficient country-really I think there was only about 6 inches of snow.
This museum added a huge new wing about a year and half ago. They are really vested in American illustrators as it is in their mission-so send in your proposals!
Here is the other side of the case with the sketchbooks. Kudos go out to James Kopp who hung the show. He previously worked at the Met. They changed most of sketchbook pages on the day of the reception, which I was happy about as I was not sure why they picked the ones in this photo. I gave him a lot of freedom and was not there when he hung the show. They edited about 9 pieces out and the letters in the cases.