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Some paintings from the New Britain Museum of American Art

JANUARY 23, 2008
Liu Hung, Relic 12, 2005, oil on ccanvas and lacquered wood 66x66"
Leo, the works ranged in date from 1978 to 2007, and included 10 artists works which explored the themes and techniques of traditional Chinese art and how they have been retained and transformed in the 20th-21st century. The only artist that I noted was Liu Hungs work, so I guess I can't answer your question. The show as currated by Tita Hyland, who teaches history of Art at Trinity College in Hartford. Here is a link to a podcast of Liu Hung talking from her studio from the San Jose Museum site: http://www.sjmusart.org/podcast/
I thought I would post a few photos that I took over the summer when visiting this museum.  I was thinking about all of the Drawgers that would enjoy these, so hope it perks up your winter day.  I apologize for not knowing all of the names of the artists, but I am sure you all can all help me out.  I love the haystack detail from one of the Hudson collections.

Here is the museum's web site and info on my show is under Coming Up section.
Mr. Burckhardt, do you know this one?
This was a Russian born artist
T.P.'s Boat in Menemsha Pond 1934
A small Jackson Pollack, who was Thomas Hart Benton's most famous student.  He did this painting for Thomas Hart Benton's small son, T.P. Benton on Martha's Vineyard when he was babysitting him.  I can only imagine Jackson Pollack as a babysitter...
from the Hudson River Painters
Detail of the haystack
Rockwell Kent Painting on the right
They have a fair number of shows in their temporary galleries. This one was on Contemporary Chinese artists living in the U.S.