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Dante's Divine Comedy

JANUARY 11, 2008
I am out of the fire and back into Drawger after finishing this massive book for Barnes and Noble in December and a 25th anniversary trip with my husband to Egypt (will post more on that later) and then the holidays. I did the double page spread on the plane and in hotel rooms pretty much the whole time I was in Egypt. The stewardesses offered me drinks and ink and I cleaned up all of my dust as best as I could. Jo Oberowski was the art director and fantastic to work with. She had seen my book at a NY Book Fair that Murphy Design attended. It seems that jobs come from so many avenues these days. The book is a library edition, gold leaf embossment on the rays on a dark red leather and tip on color piece gets glued on the cover. It should be out later in the spring. Displayed here is a sketch and the various parts of the book. I only wish I could have done all of the interior drawings, which they scanned from Dore.
inside cover
sketch back
Tip on for cover

The sketch and notes to editor and art director

I am so glad they decided to carry the artwork to the back of the book. Tactile books in both hands is a sensation the reader deserves of this classic! The backside is my favorite always it seems...no type in the way.