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Live at the "Green" exhibition

NOVEMBER 19, 2007
I did something very impulsively...well, not as impulsive at Edel, hence why I am not in any of his photos from the Drawger party...I hopped on a plane with 25K miles and headed for LA on Sat morning to attend the opening "Green" at Robert Berman Gallery, curated by Mark Murphy.  So I boarded a plane at 7am...stopped in MInn. with enough time to get my boots shined with 10 min to spare and headed for "dust-ville" Orange County, where my sister Marilynn lives (the air was pitiful-made Cleveland seem like the beach).    Since I was taking care of my other sister Susie all week I was way behind on my work, so I scratched away on the plane on my current job, "Dante's Divine Comedy".  I would be curious if any other illustrators have worked on the plane...always gets a rise out of the stewardess.  In any case, the weather was worth it all together as Cleveland has been pitiful already and it is only November.  Onto the important stuff, the show:  I entered to a huge crowd at 7:30pm, greeted by the famous work of our own Marc Burkhardt-be-au-ti-ful.  Had a warm and wonderful conversation with Brandon Boyd from Incubus.  He is so sincere and a great soul.  Onto the rest of the wonderful evening of  witnessing great works by Joel Nakamura, Jody Hewgill, Bob Dob, Joe Fiedler and a host of others talents.  Here are a few pics from the event.  Phew, thankfully I was out of town Edel.
With Ann Field, illustrator and chair of Art Centers illustration dept.  and her husband Clive Piercy, formerly of PHD, and recently opened a new design studio called "air-conditioned".
Joe Fiedler
Wish I had gotten a pic of the whole wall with the piece, sorry Joe...loved your piece!
Joel Nakamura's work was amazing, intricate painting on tin
Jody Hewgill's piece: exciting to see her work large and inspired probably by her recent trip to Greece
Bob Dob is an amazing artist, teacher at Otis, and all around amazing guy. He has an upcoming solo show at La Luz this year. We should invite him to Drawger!
Mark and Brandon Boyd, from Incubus
Mark Murphy, Nathan Ota, CB
Nathan Ota has a slew of shows coming up in the next year.