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More Green As Winter Draws Near

NOVEMBER 12, 2007
I'm sorry for not posting much these days.  I got a bit overwhelmed with caring for my sister from Kuwait who came here to the Cleveland Clinic for surgery for breast cancer.  So keep the good thought coming her way.

I made a bold move into color with the clay pigments on this piece called "Salvaging The Root".  You can't see much detail here but the piece attempts to approach being at the center of life and finding renewal that inspires discovery as a result of the rough root of experience. The bird draws nourishment hovering just above the future and for one moment, harmony. On the left is the past, caverns that hold personal solitude, while entangling with personal history. On the right hangs the enduring leaf of individual spirit, defining moments that require imagination, reverence and beauty. 

By the way, Marc your piece is amazing!
Detail from "Salvaging The Root" 24"x36"