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Catskills bats

SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
Catskills Bat skills
I got a lot of inspiration from the meditative mountains in the Catskills, even if it was only for 2 nights this summer.  It reminded me a bit of Ohio in some respects with the cool evenings, mist and lots of bats. Yet the mountains take on the feeling of a giant body resting as the sun sets.  Since I came home I have been sketching into the evening, by torches lit outside.  I can't really see what I am drawing half of the time but the sillouetted shapes come to life at that hour.

Here is the reference for the dancing bat. I have been looking at a lot of scientific engravings where the animals are very curious.  I was thinking that this is how a bat would dance if it could.
more sketches at night from my crazy growing banana tree. I planted this thing in June and it has doubled in size and has been reciting..."feed me...feed me" aka Little shop of horrors
Here is my new out door night studio.  My husband pretty much works round the clock so I decided to build a patio this summer so he might at least get some night fresh air. I think he is on the verge of a big idea in this photo. 
Ana Audrey
Here is a portrait I did of Ana when we were in the "Batskills", thankyou Laura.  We had just been watching all of these old movies like "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn and Belalogosi's "Scared to Dead" so I was imagining Ana as a Hollywood scarlet with Batskill flowers in her hair (it is next to Woodstock).  Ana is a fantastic artist and I will post her portrait of me too, but I need to ask her first. 
Also, here is a little film still from "Scared to Death" where the box arrives with a plastic head in it.  Shoot, I should have waited until halloween to post all of this.  But who knows, maybe someone here needs some reference for all of the halloween illustrations coming up soon.
film still from "Scared to Death"