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JUNE 16, 2007
Here is the final piece
They did not give me a size and was lucky they had 6x10" in space. Have you ever checked out the artist Henrick Kley? His images on the industrial revolution inspired the top portion of the drawing. I will post his work later.
This piece appeared today in the Times Op Ed section and was illustrating an article on how companies that create carbons are paying countries like Madagascar not to burn their rainforests, since they filter carbons out of the air. Here is the sketch and final. I re used 2 monkeys from previous work as I ran out of time. The job came to me on Friday evening and was due on Saturday by 6pm. These things are always an adreneline rush to do with sketches in by 11am and finish by 6pm. I had just gotten back from NY city for the day on Friday and had found out that my nephew who is one month old does not have leukemia which was suspected. I was kind of shaking the whole day doing the piece, but newspaper is forgiving. I worked with Sam Weber-check out his work-he is amazing: http://www.sampaints.com