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This years Earth Day poster

APRIL 22, 2007
Detail of Earth Day poster
Here is the tiger up close. I was really inspired by Waldon Ford's exhibit at the Brooklyn museum a few months ago. It was amazing to see the work up close-so many subtleties in content as well as detail in the painting.
Have a swirlin sunny Earth Day!
Here is this years Earth Day poster done for Diane Woolverton at the U.S. State Dept. A real dream job: great subject matter, lots of time, great gift for kids, okay money. She had been collecting my art from the Washington Post over the years so it pays off to do newspaper work for free advertising I guess. I won't be around here much for a few days as I am heading off to New York City to deliver my art for a May 3rd show. We will be hanging it on the 23rd and 24th if you are in the mid town area : 1133 Ave of Americas or stop by the opening on May 3rd, would love to see you! Cheers,Cathie