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scratching big

OCTOBER 16, 2006
If any of you saw the very long and repeated explanation of this...I am very sorry as I fumble through technology. So, I am working on some big scratchboards custom made by Ampersand. It all feels a bit ambitious and intimidating, but I love working with the liquid clay and pigments. I tend to move the big pieces around my house though in search of a space to work in and I think ultimately, the garage will do. Going from 8x11 to 30x60 is a huge jump of vantage point for me. Any advice is welcome in regards to working this size.
Hit tragically by a truck and a short life.
The turtle was not as lucky.
note-detail dimensional clay on trunk...it is working here but hard to get my typical linework in anything over 3inches
Black Beauty, our rabbit of 15 years, had glaucoma which gave him milky white eyes and also had tumors, which did not keep him from hopping-a real inspiration.